Practice Research

The following are the pharmacy practice research projects our group is conducting.

OPEN: The Ontario Pharmacy Research Collaboration

OPEN is a multi-institutional and interdisciplinary research program that’s examining the quality, outcomes and value of medication management services that pharmacists and other healthcare professionals provide. OPEN is driven by and is responsive to its knowledge users — partner organizations that apply OPEN’s findings to improve pharmacy practice, the cost-effectiveness of services pharmacists provide, and the quality of healthcare in Ontario.

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Primary Care Listserv Analysis

The Canadian Pharmacists Association and Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists host a joint Primary Care Pharmacist Specialty Network (PC-PSN) which includes a listserv to facilitate communication among members. The PC-PSN listserv provides participants from varied practice and geographic backgrounds with a forum to discuss issues and solicit input and support.

The Waite Research Group was involved with the analysis of archived posts to the PC-PSN listserv to determine ways in which the listserv is used and apparent educational needs of participants. The results of the research would identify learning needs that which will assist educators in designing education experiences.

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Nutraceuticals: Establishing a researcher, pharmacist, dietician and educator network

We are working toward the development of a network of practitioners (ex. pharmacists, dietitians, naturopathic doctors, and others), researchers, and educators with interest in functional foods and nutraceuticals (FFN). To achieve this goal, we have planned collaborative forums that focus on:

  • Establishing working relationship between researchers and practitioners in the area of FFN
  • Informing participants about current FFN knowledge and ongoing research
  • Assessing participants’ FFN learning needs
  • Identifying research priorities related to basic, clinical, practice, regulatory and educational research

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